Most games played at the Milawa Squash Club use:

"traditional English scoring to 9 points, where only the server can win a point. This means if you serve the ball and lose the point, then your opponent gets to serve and the score does not change. If you win the point , then you get a point and get to serve from the next side. When service changes it is often called 'hand-out'. When hand-out you can pick which side to serve from, after which you alternate sides if you continue to win points. The first player who gets to 8-8 chooses 9 or 10, called set 1 or 2."


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It is a Squash Australia regulation, and Milawa Squash Club requirement, that all players under 19 years of age wear Eye Protection when on court with balls and racquets.

Milawa Squash Club can supply Squash Gear at cost. Contact